Adorable Photo of Ben and Jerry Stiller Circa 1978 Emerges

03/24/2014 AT 08:00 AM EDT

Ben Stiller was a cute kid 36 years ago. And Jerry Stiller apparently does not age.

Reddit user DONTUPVOTEAREPOST found this photo of the father and son circa 1978 and uploaded it Sunday.

Jerry (who still dresses almost exactly as he does in this photo) apparently took then-12-year-old Ben to see The Gin Game on Broadway – you can tell from the copy of Playbill he's holding.

Redditors have ID'd the picture's location as the corner of Eighth Avenue and West 45th Street in Manhattan, right outside the John Golden Theater, where The Gin Game ran for 517 performances.

Ben's TELE-BID 13 shirt is likely from a fundraiser for WNET 13, a non-commercial public TV station in Newark, N.J.

Jerry's shirt is from Cabana Wear.

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