Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov Will Share Custody of Their Dog Tëma

Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov Will Share Custody of Their Dog Tëma
Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov
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03/27/2014 AT 05:30 PM EDT

Tëma the Japanese Chin will now have two dog bowls, two leashes – and two homes – after a judge ordered Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir and his estranged hubby, Victor Voronov, to split custody of the pooch.

Lawyers for Weir and Voronov spent six hours in a New Jersey court Wednesday hammering out the temporary terms of the couple's split. Neither Weir nor Voronov appeared in court.

Starting April 6, the pair agreed to a temporary rotating visitation schedule with Tëma (pictured below), with the dog spending one week a month with Voronov and three weeks a month with Weir. If either goes out of town for more than three days, the other will be able to take care of the dog, according to court papers obtained by PEOPLE.

Judge Bonnie Mizdol also ordered Weir to continue to pay Voronov's rent, gas and electric, cable and internet, car payment and car insurance. Weir must start paying Voronov $1,000 per month in temporary support until the case is settled, goes to trial – or if either party moves to change the terms of the temporary agreement.

Weir and Voronov have agreed to sell their Faberge egg, plus their wedding rings to partially fund legal expenses.

"Victor was gratified that with the court's assistance he and Johnny were able to reach a temporary agreement that provides for Victor's basic living expenses while we attempt to resolve this matter through the judicial process," Voronov's attorney, Theodore Kaplan, tells PEOPLE.

Lawyers for Weir could not be reached for comment.

"Considering how much of a circus this was looking at being, the judge was very fair and then some," says Voronov's legal crisis manager, Wendy Feldman. "She treated this like any other couple."

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