Third Wheel Expert Creates Instagram Account That Is Hilariously Heartbreaking

Third Wheel Expert Creates Instagram Account That Is Hilariously Heartbreaking
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07/17/2015 AT 02:40 PM EDT

One's company, two's a crowd and three's a party…

At least it is for Peter Alden, who documents his escapades with his brother, Ben, and Ben's fiancée, Marissa Evans, on his heartbreakingly hilarious Instagram account imnotathirdwheel.

The account began when Peter and Ben were roommates and Ben started dating Marissa.

"Because we lived together, I was always with them," Peter, 29, tells PEOPLE. "It started off as I was just always around when they were taking their pictures and then I started popping into all their pictures. Everyone thought it was funny and then it found a life of its own."

Though Peter moved out in April when the couple got engaged, the Instagram account is here to stay.

"Unless they kick me out of the group, I don't know if marriage will change it," he says. "Let's put it this way: People always say, 'Marriage doesn’t change things, children do,' so maybe it's the same for third wheels." He jokingly adds: "I would argue that I'm probably going to have a little cottage on their land ... I don't want to be in their house, but I do expect some kind of home very close to them."

While single Peter is ecstatic for Ben and Marissa, he also hopes to find his fourth wheel sooner rather than later.

"[She] has to be a lot of fun, really smart, doesn't take things too seriously, kind of strong-willed. You know, I'm frisky, so I need someone that can kind of put me in my place," says Peter, who has his eye on Amanda Seyfried, Minka Kelly and the entire Victoria's Secret squad.

In the meantime, Alden offers this advice to other third wheelers: "Just because they say they don't want you at dinner doesn't mean they don't want you at dinner. Persistence wears down resistance."

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