Just Keep Swimming! Ellen DeGeneres Reveals New Trailer for Finding Dory

03/02/2016 AT 10:05 AM EST

Finding Nemo fanatics might want to sit down for this one.

Ellen DeGeneres, who reprises her role from 2003's Finding Nemo as the forgetful blue fish Dory in the long-awaited sequel, released a new trailer for the movie on her website Wednesday.

Finding Dory picks up nearly six months after the first movie, with Dory living with Marlin and Dory. After going with Nemo on a class trip to see manta rays migrate back home, she starts getting flashbacks from her own past and she realizes that somewhere in the great big ocean, she has a family – and she wants to find them.

"I miss them. Do you know what that feels like?" she asks Marlin, who immediately shifts his gaze to Nemo.

With this, the group of friends embark on yet another adventure together. Complete with another sea-turtle ride and possibly another fish-tank mishap, the trio are on a mission to help Dory find her family.

Along the way, Dory slowly starts to piece together clues from her past, including meeting old friends.

DeGeneres spoke to PEOPLE in August about the Disney-Pixar sequel.

"She's been lost for a long time, and she's just tried to act like everything's fine. And in this film, you see that it's kind of like she's taken a little bit of a – she's paid a toll on it," DeGeneres said. "She misses the fact that she has a family, and she realizes she has a family. And where are they? Did her parents give her away? Where is her family?"

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Dory's parents will be voiced by Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy, while Ed O'Neill and Ty Burrell will also dive in as new characters Hank the octopus and Bailey the beluga whale, respectively.

Finding Dory swims into theaters June 17, 2016.
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