What Makes Oscar Winner Kevin Costner Nervous?

What Makes Oscar-winner Kevin Costner Nervous?
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04/15/2016 AT 04:00 PM EDT

Oscar winner Kevin Costner, 61, stars as a death-row inmate in the new film, Criminal, but the actor is a big softie when it comes to being a dad to his kids. He revealed how his five-year-old daughter Grace makes him laugh and what recurring dream he has among other things when he chatted with PEOPLE this week.

Last game I played:

I had a great one-on-two in basketball with my boys (Cayden, 8, and Hayes, 7), and I took them both. I just destroyed them. (Laughs) No, I have to watch what I'm doing. I've had four knee operations because I play really, really hard. I wish I could play like I used to for them.

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Last time my kid made me laugh:

My little girl (Grace, 5) is liking the cartoons that the boys have grown out of. And so when she wants to watch them, they start to moan and groan. She'll look at them and say, 'Well then, shut your eyes!'

Last recurring dream:

I'm in a play and I don't know any of the lines. And people are saying, 'You're not ready! How could you do this to us!' And I'm thinking, 'F–, I'm not in this play!' Maybe it's because I try to be really proactive in getting things right in my life.

Last time I was nervous:

I get nervous when I have to speak to a large group with prepared remarks. It doesn't come easy to me. Maybe I take it too seriously, but I always feel like I have to make it worth their while.
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