Dracula May Still Have His Day

10/31/2001 AT 05:12 PM EST

The on-again, off-again Dracula Park planned for Romania appears to be on again this Halloween, reports the Wall Street Journal. Yes, the locale would be high in the mountains of Transylvania. "Over here, by the trees . . . will be Dracula's castle," a representative from the mayor's office in Sighisoara told a Journal reporter while touring the planned construction site. "Main Street will run through here," he said, pointing to a forest clearing. "The center for vampirology will be there. A little train will connect it all." Rather than turn its collective back on the vampire legend, the Romanian tourist authority is now embracing the infamous local hero, whose legend, immortalized by the Bram Stoker novel and Bela Lugosi movies, is based on the real-life mad ruler, Vlad the Impaler. Money is still being raised for the theme park, though dreams are growing bigger and more tangible every day. "We'll have Draculas who will walk, speak, fly, land," says Romanian tourist minister Dan Matei-Agathon. There will also be a Dracula golf course. "But don't get the wrong idea," said Matei-Agathon. "This won't be Disneyland."

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