'Bachelorette' Invades Jacko's Space

01/16/2004 AT 01:51 PM EST

The next episode of "The Bachelorette," airing Wednesday, will not only offer viewers an intimate look at romance in bloom -- but also a peek at Michael Jackson's recently rented $20-million Beverly Hills estate, ABC has informed PEOPLE.

Before the pop star moved in, the mansion was the setting for an idyllic date between this season's Bachelorette, Los Angeles make-up artist and model Meredith Phillips, 30, and the man to whom she gave a white rose on last week's season premiere, Rick, a 28-year-old entrepreneur who lives in San Diego.

The two have their rendezvous at Michael's mansion, where they share an intimate dinner, go bowling and tour the roomy pad.

As PEOPLE reported Jan. 8, Jackson took his three children and moved out of Neverland in early December for the rented hillside home in Beverly Hills. (The star complained that authorities tainted Neverland when they searched the premises to build the child-molestation case against him.) The new residence, which overlooks a children's park in Coldwater Canyon, is "one of the crown jewels of Beverly Hills," a real estate source said.

Jackson pleaded not guilty on Friday to child-molestation charges, and he returned not to the Beverly Hills mansion but to his Neverland Ranch, about 25 miles away from the Santa Maria, Calif., courthouse. There, he was joined by about 1,000 fans (many of them families with little children) who flocked there after receiving invitations distributed by supporters who appeared to be members of the Nation of Islam, reports the Associated Press.

There were free rides for the fans in Jackson's backyard mini-Disneyland, as well as complimentary ice cream, popcorn and drinks, while Jackson's family reportedly gathered in the house for lunch.

So far, however, there's been no word on how the date went between Meredith and Rick.

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