Jackson Car Sale: To Be or Not to Be?

01/21/2004 AT 05:34 PM EST

Michael Jackson may soon have one less car to dance on.

The pop star, who strutted for fans atop an SUV outside the courthouse after his arraignment last Friday, is due to auction off a customized, metallic blue 2001 Bentley Arnage Red Label Turbo, which he once used in his "What More Can I Give" music video.

The vehicle is due to be put on the block at the Barrett-Jackson classic car auction this weekend unless company executives hear from Jackson himself.

Craig Jackson, president of Barrett-Jackson (and no relation to Michael), said his firm entered into a contract to sell the vehicle in October (a month before Santa Barbara County officials leveled multiple child-molestation charges against the singer), though Craig is no longer sure whether Michael wants to unload it.

"We just want to do what he wants us to do and we don't know what that is," Craig Jackson says, adding that his firm has "numerous discussions about the status of the car with several representatives of Michael Jackson's management team. These discussions have resulted in mixed directions about the car's status for the auction."

Michael, 45, has until noon Saturday to decide if the sale will go ahead.

Meanwhile, on the subject of Jackson's SUV Moonwalk for fans -- which preceded Jackson's post-court party at Neverland Ranch with free cake and ice cream -- lawyers for the musician have told him to curb his enthusiasm and comprehend the seriousness of the charges against him, reports the New York Post.

The defense team is reportedly viewing Jackson's post-arraignment performance as a public-relations debacle. The Post reports that the lawyers (who have to yell over the voices of Jackson's behind-the-scenes handlers and other hangers-on) have told their client to subdue older brother Jermaine, as well.

Jermaine has been a frequent guest on TV talk shows, defending his brother and blaming several various, but unproven, conspiracies for Michael's legal woes.

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