'Sharon Osbourne Show' Faces the Ax

01/21/2004 AT 05:34 PM EST

After less than a year on the air, "The Sharon Osbourne Show" has been given the ol' heave-ho by the Tribune stations, its main outlet, which is already looking for suitable replacements, according to reports out of the current National Association of Television Program Executives conference in Las Vegas.

The show never really caught on with viewers, with some TV critics suggesting that it was Ozzy wife's in-your-face approach, which doesn't play as well during the day as it initially did when "The Osbournes" first made splash on MTV. (That nighttime show also has drastically dipped in the ratings.)

For those who missed it, Sharon, 51, conducted her talk-show interviews on top of a giant bed.

Yet as Osbourne and other lower-end talkfests, such as Ricki Lake and Montel Williams, have been taking hits in the numbers, such uplifting shows as "Dr. Phil" and "Oprah" soared by 17 percent or more.

The Tribune company has yet to announce formally that "The Sharon Osbourne Show" is out on its ear, but the buzz at the TV conference is reportedly revolving around what new show will replace it.

Potential contenders include "The Jane Pauley Show," "Ambush Makeover," "The Insider" (an "Entertainment Tonight" spinoff), "The Tony Danza Show," "Home Delivery" -- or even the new talk project featuring Jennifer Lopez's sister, New York-based TV reporter Lynda Lopez, produced by J.Lo's company. Stay tuned.

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