Barrymore Hits the Presidential Trail

01/27/2004 AT 09:45 AM EST

During the New Hampshire debate, the Democratic candidates treated each other most politely -- which could not be said about how the press treated "Charlie's Angels" star Drew Barrymore when she tried to hop aboard presidential hopeful Wesley Clark's press bus on Monday, reports The Washington Post.

The reporters reportedly told Barrymore to go away, along with her video crew.

As for why the actress, 28, was swimming in political waters to begin with, The Post reports that she is making a documentary about this year's political campaign, though Barrymore herself would not entertain questions about what she's up to, nor would her spokespeople. (Not the way to win friends and influence people, especially members of the press.)

Assistants to Clark, however, reportedly found room on the bus for Barrymore and her small entourage, and the Angel interviewed Clark, specifically on how to involve the country's young people in politics.

But one question ostensibly was enough for the retired four-star general, because after being deposed by Drew, he turned to the press corps to face other questions -- leaving Barrymore wanting more, says The Post.

Later on, the actress-documentarian had to content herself with an interview with Clark's brother-in-law, though that ended happily. The two reportedly traded kisses on the cheek as they said goodbye.

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