NEWS BRIEFS: Jude Law's Inspiration

02/11/2004 AT 12:04 PM EST

INSPIRED: As a boy, Jude Law dreamed of an acting career after watching performances of Shakespeare's "Othello" at the Young Vic Theatre in London. Now that the theater is in disrepair, Law has offered to donate to a drive to renovate the space, the Associated Press reports. The theater was built in 1970 and was originally intended as a temporary structure. Law, 31, did not divulge the size of his contribution, but the total amount needed is reportedly $22.5 million. Law, meanwhile, is up for a Best Actor Academy Award on Feb. 29 for his performance in "Cold Mountain."

EXPECTED: Julia Ormond, costar of the upcoming television movie "Iron Jawed Angels," revealed that she is pregnant at the film's premiere Feb. 9, reports PEOPLE. This is the first pregnancy for the 39-year-old actress, who appears to be taking it in stride. "I'm really enjoying it. It's great. It's something that I've always wanted to do as a woman," she said. The baby is due in June. "Iron Jawed Angels" airs Sunday on HBO.

QUOTED: "This will be more sociologically interesting than what fork to use and how to make a mushroom roulade." -- Robert Greenblatt, president of entertainment at Showtime, commenting on a pilot for "Make Me Cool," a reality series based on "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" in which a couple of African-American men make over "terminally uncool individuals," reports Reuters

ABANDONED: Retired Army Gen. Wesley Clark is expected to abandon his quest for the Democratic presidential nomination on Wednesday, AP reports. Clark is expected to announce his withdrawal today in Arkansas, following poor showings in primaries in Tennessee and Virginia this week.

RECOVERED: Tara Dakides, a 30-year-old champion snowboarder who was injured Feb. 5 while filming a stunt in downtown Manhattan for David Letterman's "Late Show," recovered sufficiently to return to the show Monday night, AP reports. Dakides fell 25 feet off a ramp and had to have stitches. The show proved to be a big hit, as Letterman scored his highest ratings in nearly a year, Reuters added.

DOGGED: A big, black Newfoundland canine named Josh won Tuesday's best in show, the top award, at the Westminster dog show held at New York's Madison Square Garden. Typically, the award goes to smaller, more graceful dogs, AP reports. But Josh, a 155 lb. animal, was the largest dog to ever win the show. The contest drew 15,000 dog fans.

ANGERED: The two-day sentence Diana Ross received Monday for a 2001 drunken driving incident has angered some residents of Tucson, Ariz., where Ross was charged, news organization AFP reports. Members of Mothers Against Drunk Driving claim that Ross was let off easily, after her car was spotted traveling in the wrong lane and her blood-alcohol content measured 0.20 percent, more than twice Arizona's legal limit. "The public perception is that Diana Ross got away with it," said one MADD member.

FILED: The chef-star of the reality series "The Restaurant" is in hot water. China Grill Management, which helped finance the TV restaurant, is suing chef Rocco DiSpirito, alleging that DiSpirito's establishment has failed to live up to its expectations, AP reports. The group is seeking control of the restaurant and undisclosed monetary damages. A second, limited season of "The Restaurant" is expected to begin in May or June.

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