Conan O'Brien On the Road Again

02/09/2004 AT 10:36 AM EST

Just so you understand, he's not doing it because he is altruistic. Conan O'Brien just wants to mix up his show a little bit.

That, O'Brien says, is why he's taking the filming of his NBC "Late Night" show to Toronto's Elgin Theater from Tuesday through Friday.

"I'd love to pretend that I'm doing this because I believe in helping Toronto," O'Brien said, according to the Associated Press. "But really what it is is that it makes sense for (our show)."

Last year Toronto was rocked hard by the SARS outbreak, which crippled the city's tourism industry. But according to O'Brien, that was not a major factor in deciding to go to Toronto. He just appreciates the artistic talent our neighbors to the north have to offer. "So much great talent comes out of Canada, particularly Toronto and Montreal," he added.

To underscore that sentiment, O'Brien will feature a number of Canadian stars during the filming, including Mike Myers, Michael J. Fox, Jim Carrey and Eric McCormack of "Will & Grace." Nickelback and Barenaked Ladies, both Canadian bands, will be among the featured musical guests.

Lorne Michaels, who produces "Late Night" as well as "Saturday Night Live," is also a native of Toronto.

This is only the second time in its 10-year history that O'Brien has taken the show out of New York. His other road trip consisted of a weeklong stint in Los Angeles in 1999.

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