Martin Lawrence Sued for Alleged Assault

02/25/2004 AT 01:00 PM EST

A woman is suing comedian Martin Lawrence for allegedly hitting her in the face after she asked him if he would like to attend a party with her, the Associated Press reports.

Jennifer Palmer filed a $25,000 lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday, charging that the "Bad Boys" star hit her during a Jan. 18 party at an unspecified location. Palmer claims that she approached Lawrence to ask him about attending another party at the Playboy mansion when he began "wildly waving his hands around, slurring and mumbling in a manner suggesting that he was intoxicated or otherwise disoriented, (and) using very foul language."

When she began describing her encounter with Lawrence to a group of friends, she says the comedian confronted her in a "threatening manner," AP reports. She says she tried to push Lawrence away and that he struck her in the jaw.

A publicist for Lawrence tells a different story. "An intoxicated and disorderly individual verbally insulted and physically attacked Lawrence without provocation, at which time Lawrence understandably moved to defend himself," Arnold Robinson said in a statement. He called the lawsuit "financially motivated."

Palmer is seeking money for assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

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