'Survivor': The Big Guy Goes Home

02/27/2004 AT 12:00 PM EST

It wasn't easy to tell who was lying to whom in the final minutes of Thursday's "Survivor: All-Stars," but it quickly became clear that everyone was lying to Richard Hatch.

The winner of the inaugural "Survivor" series became the fourth tribe member voted out and the fifth to leave the game, including the departure of Mogo Mogo teammate Jenna Morasca, who left to be with her ill mother.

This week's episode found the three tribes -- Mogo Mogo, Chapera and Saboga -- dropped right into the Reward Challenge. Each team was given gear necessary to construct a raft that they would then use in a water challenge. Fashioned from bamboo rods and rope, the rafts needed to be built to support the entire team's weight in the water.

"This has to not only carry Lex, me and Kathy, it has to carry 260 lbs. of Hatch," Mogo Mogo's Colby Donaldson said during a down moment in the building. At Saboga, Rupert Boneham was busy building a pontoon that he was sure would surpass his hut-building skills of earlier weeks.

Host Jeff Probst told them were playing for fishing gear, including hooks and a spear -- as well as the teammates from the third-place team, who would be split between the first- and second-place finishers.

Saboga's catamaran-style raft looked seaworthy, while Mogo Mogo's seemed to be nothing more than a bunch of sticks tied together. But the race told a different story, with Mogo cruising to an easy victory as Saboga finished a distant third. Back on the shore, Colby said his team should pick Ethan first so they could get rid of him. Mogo Mogo ended up with Ethan and Jerri, while Chapera took Rupert and Jenna.

With the teams moving right into the Immunity Challenge, Richard Hatch seemed sure of Mogo Mogo's strength. "I think we'll win (immunity), and if we don't -- who cares? We've got a lot of people to get rid of," he said.

The competition now narrowed to two teams, Mogo Mogo and Chapera faced off on a balance-beam challenge that found each tribe trying to race flags on thin, elevated bars over a pool. Opposing tribe members who ran into one another over the pool had to square off and try to throw the other one in the water.

After some brutal throw-downs by Chapera's "Boston" Rob, the team easily won, sending Mogo Mogo to its first tribal council. Back at camp, it seemed that newcomer Ethan would be an easy mark, but Colby orchestrated a plan to turn on Hatch. When Richard discovered the double-cross, it seemed that Colby's ruse might backfire on him.

But one by one Mogo's tribe members turned over Hatch's name at council, sending the big naked guy home.

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