'Willpower': Roy Horn Walking Again

03/03/2004 AT 06:12 PM EST

Five months after a bloody onstage incident with a 300-pound tiger that had him fighting for his life, Siegfried & Roy illusionist Roy Horn was able to take 558 paces with the help of a wheeled walking aid, Claudia Dressler, a spokeswoman for the duo, said Tuesday in Munich, Germany.

She added that Horn, 59, has "strong willpower" and is training intensively, while MGM Mirage officials have said that Horn has a long recovery ahead of him. Meanwhile, the long-running Las Vegas show is closed, reports the Associated Press.

Horn's partner, German-born magician Siegfried Fischbacher, 65, while forced to concede at the end of last year that the professional collaboration of Siegfried & Roy was no more, has downplayed Horn's injuries from the Oct. 3 incident, describing his partner's wound as "a little punch hole" on the left side of his neck. Fischbacher has said a stroke that Horn suffered afterward resulted from blood pressure medication that sometimes made him feel faint.

Horn has been reportedly recovering at the Vegas home he shares with Fischbacher.

As for whether he would ever seek out another stage partner, Fischbacher told Barbara Walters in a "20/20" interview that aired at the beginning of this year, "No. I would not want to go through everything I went through with Roy with another person. I realize how important he was in my life."

In response to Walters's questions about Horn's current medical condition, Fischbacher said Horn is "moving," "writing" and "standing up" (though not yet walking), and related an anecdote in which Horn reminded Fischbacher to wear a specific blue Versace jacket for the interview.

Asked if the two are lovers, Fischbacher told Walters that he loves Roy "like a brother."

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