The Richest of 'Em All? Paul McCartney

03/05/2004 AT 10:15 AM EST

In a new British survey of the richest entertainers, the big winner is ex-Beatle Paul McCartney, who supposedly has amassed a fortune greater than the combined wealth of Elton John, Mick Jagger and Madonna combined.

And how much is McCartney, 61, worth? Try $1.3 billion, according to the Mail on Sunday's Rich Report 2004, as quoted by Reuters.

In the British male stars sweepstakes, Sean Connery, 73, tops the list, with an estimated $120 million bank account, placing him ahead of "Johnny English" comic Rowan Atkinson and Oscar-winner Anthony Hopkins -- though there are plenty of American greenbacks that account for their fortunes.

"Hollywood pay packets have made fortunes for half of Britain's richest male showbiz personalities," said Rich Report editor Rachel Oldroyd, adding, "Wise investment and shrewd merchandising deals have helped to boost show-business earnings."

With an estimated $81.8 million, comedian Tracey Ullman, who lives in America, is reportedly richer than Catherine Zeta-Jones ($54.5 million) and "Weakest Link" TV host Anne Robinson.

"Women are really underrepresented in the list as a whole because it takes decades to accumulate such wealth," said Oldroyd. "But they are starting to make huge fortunes in television and showbiz, where success is rewarded much faster."

Ozzy Osbourne also made the list of top 10 male stars, while wife Sharon is on the women's list.

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