Trump Gives Heidi the Ol' Heave-Ho

03/12/2004 AT 02:41 PM EST

The latest victim of Donald Trump's dreaded pronouncement of "You're fired" on NBC's "The Apprentice" is Heidi Bressler, who only last week bumped heads with the much-disliked (and then terminated) Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth over the length of their lunch break.

This time around, the brassy Bressler, 30, from Philadelphia, was deemed to lack the managerial skills that could propel her to the top of one of The Donald's companies.

Still, the mogul told Heidi -- who holds a criminology degree and works as a sales rep at a communications company -- that she is a "remarkable woman."

Heidi's Protege teammate, the popular but hardly spectacular Troy McClain, 33, barely escaped Trump's ire over his leadership skills, but is still in the running. Earlier in the week, USA Today tabbed the mortgage broker from Idaho as the one to beat.

Trump will choose the winner of the $250,000-a-year job during a live finale on April 15. The entrepreneur has also signed on to two more seasons of the show.

Meanwhile, in a staunch denial of claims being made by Omarosa in several TV and print interviews -- that the N-word was used by one of her rival contestants, but the reference was edited out of the program -- Trump, 57, tells New York's Daily News that he finds her accusation hard to swallow.

"It's just something that wasn't caught on camera," he says, "and that's with 28 cameras going at one time, all the time. ... With witnesses, nobody else has heard it."

Meanwhile, on Friday's "Today" show, host Katie Couric admonished Heidi to clean up her act, "because that girl has a potty mouth."

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