Ben Affleck: Give Me My Razzies

03/16/2004 AT 03:01 PM EST

If Ben Affleck can't have all the Razzie Awards that he's won with such clunkers as "Gigli" and "Pearl Harbor," then at least he should get "a golden sack of grapes," the star tells the Associated Press.

Affleck, 31, on promotional rounds for his new film "Jersey Girl," says the Golden Raspberry Awards committee, which hands out awards for the worst movies of the year, have never forwarded his prizes to him and, as a result, he feels "stiffed."

But Razzies founder John Wilson tells that it's Razzies policy not to send the trophies to those who don't show up for the ceremony -- "because, after all," Wilson said, "they are all handmade and cost $4.79 each."

As Wilson also explained: "We did contact Mr. Affleck's publicist, Ken Sunshine, after Mr. Affleck said in an interview with a French magazine that he wanted to attend (this year's) ceremony once 'Gigli' had gotten so many nominations. But Mr. Sunshine seemed to treat our invitation to Mr. Affleck as a crank call."

"Gigli" was the first movie ever to sweep all six major categories, including worst picture of 2003, at the 24th annual Razzie Awards, held the day before this year's Oscars.

The box-office disaster also took worst actor (Affleck), worst actress (Jennifer Lopez), worst screen couple, and worst screenplay and direction (both by Martin Brest).

But Wilson points out that Affleck never actually won a Razzie award for "Pearl Harbor." "He was only nominated. This is the first time in history that we've ever had anyone falsely claim to win a Razzie."

Affleck, meanwhile, was due to appear on CNN's "Larry King Live" on Tuesday night, prompting Wilson to suggest, "I do happen to have a spare Razzie around. I suppose I could go down to the studio and present it to Mr. Affleck on the air."

The first and only "winner" ever to show up -- in black tie, no less -- at a Razzies ceremony was Tom Green, who was "honored" in 2002 for his catastrophe of the previous year, "Freddy Got Fingered." He also booed loudly from the audience when his ex-wife, Drew Barrymore, lost in a category.

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