Whitney Out of Rehab After Only 5 Days

03/24/2004 AT 04:55 PM EST

Just five days into her scheduled one-month treatment, Whitney Houston has left the undisclosed drug rehab center she checked into last week, her publicist confirms to New York's Daily News.

"Miss Houston is continuing the prescribed treatment as was planned," says rep Nancy Seltzer. "Her movements are in total keeping with the program."

Houston's precise whereabouts were not disclosed. Her treatment center was said to be somewhere in the Midwest, but the Daily News reports that Houston is now in a rented residence near her own suburban Atlanta home.

On Tuesday's CBS "Early Show," Houston's spiritual adviser, Prince Asiel Ben Israel, said the singer is seeking to end her addiction to prescription drugs, not marijuana or cocaine.

"When you've got the demands of the press and the demands of your public, you're trying to take a pill to stay up and one to lay down," said Ben Israel. "I think it's that kind of lifestyle."

Seltzer also told the Daily News that Houston, 40, "remains supportive of husband" Bobby Brown, who is scheduled to appear Wednesday in a Norfolk County, Mass., family court for a contempt hearing "related to child support payments" in a paternity lawsuit, a court spokesperson tells the Associated Press.

The R&B singer, 35, was released from a Georgia jail on Monday -- four days ahead of his scheduled release -- so he could attend the hearing. Brown's lawyer, Vincent Dimmock, said the case involves his client's two children in Massachusetts.

"We're trying to see if we can resolve the matter," Dimmock said, declining to elaborate on the relationship between Brown and the unnamed woman who filed the paternity claim. Houston and Brown have a daughter together, Bobbi Kirstina, 10, who is said to be staying with relatives.

Brown was serving time in Georgia after being sentenced last month to 60 days in jail for violating his probation on a drunken driving charge. The violations included his refusal to take drug tests and pay his probation fees, and failing to show proof that he attended counseling and completed his house arrest.

Another violation that he faces relates to a December misdemeanor battery charge in which police said that Brown hit Houston, reportedly leaving her with a bruised cheek and a cut inside her lip.

Brown is scheduled to appear May 5 in a Fulton County court on that charge.

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