Marc Anthony: Leave J.Lo Out of This

03/25/2004 AT 10:00 AM EST

Latin crooner Marc Anthony has taken to his Web site to quell recent rumors about his broken marriage, infidelity and his relationship to Jennifer Lopez.

In a message to fans dated March 24, Anthony takes a lengthy swipe at the tabloid reports that have swirled around his divorce from former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres, not to mention his alleged romance with J.Lo and recent claims that he fathered the child of a Miami waitress.

"Even having to write this letter goes against everything that I believe in, for I have always cherished and protected my privacy," he writes. "I find it nauseating sitting here having to address allegations and accusations at the hands of people I know."

Anthony goes on to say that any relationships he had while he was separated from Torres are no one else's business -- adding that infidelity was not the cause of his and Torres's divorce. "It should be said that I did everything to make my marriage work expressly for my children and in the name of family," he says.

Anthony, 35, and Torres, 29, who were married three-and-a-half years, have two children together.

He also laments the fact that Jennifer Lopez's name was dragged into his personal life. "In no way, shape or form did she have anything to do with the rupture of my marriage," Anthony writes. "I want to make that 100 percent clear."

Lastly, he addresses the charges by Miami waitress Elizabeth Leyva that he fathered her child. The results of a paternity test released earlier this year revealed that Anthony was not the father of Leyva's child, and he used his open letter to thank the fans who stood by him.

"I feel terrible that I have to address this in this manner," Anthony concludes, "but enough is enough."

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