Wanted: Martha Stewart Wannabes

03/29/2004 AT 10:26 AM EST

Inspired homemaking types will have a chance to demonstrate that they have the right stuff to become the next "good thing."

Even as a Martha Stewart's future is being played out, CBS is planning a new reality TV series designed to uncover the next queen or king of domestic supremacy, Reuters reports.

The network has teamed with LMNO Productions, the company behind such shows as "Celebrity Boot Camp" and "The Littlest Groom," to assemble a 10-episode series that pits contestants against one another to locate the next Martha Stewart.

Details of the show are still in development, but Eric Schotz, a producer for the series, said that it might feature about 12 people living in a New England-style farmhouse, matching their talents in tasks such as cooking, party-planning and interior decorating-- with unexpected twists.

For example, the contestants might be forced to throw together a dinner party, without the aid of electricity, Schotz told Reuters. "If you're really going to be a domestic diva, an icon, you have to have the ability to mold, adapt, adjust," he said. "That's what makes you great. I mean, anyone can follow a recipe."

Casting, which will be open to men and women, is beginning immediately. NBC already launched its own "Domestic Diva Contest" on the "Today" show earlier in March.

Stewart, meanwhile, was convicted of lying to federal investigators about her sale of ImClone Systems stock in early March. Stewart appears in court for sentencing on June 17. She is expected to receive between 10 months and two years.

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