Janet Returns to the Boob Tube

03/29/2004 AT 10:26 AM EST

Is there anything left to reveal about Janet Jackson?

That may be the question when Jackson appears on David Letterman's "Late Show" for her first interview since her much publicized "wardrobe malfunction" during the Super Bowl nearly two months ago.

At least Letterman and Jackson have some common ground: The last time Jackson appeared on the "Late Show," more than two years ago in February 2002, she wore a revealing zippered jumpsuit that seemed to cause Letterman more than a little consternation, the Associated Press reports.

Through the interview, as the host appeared to have trouble looking Jackson in the eye, Letterman admitted, "I'm 54, and stuff like this doesn't come my way very often."

It doesn't seem like the cover of Jackson's new album "Damita Jo," which hits stores Tuesday, will make it any easier for Dave. The cover photo of Jackson, which was shot from the waist up, shows her wearing little more than a smile, with her arms covering her breasts.

But on Friday a publicist for Jackson told Reuters, "Janet's trying to stay focused on releasing the best record she can and by not obsessing on the controversy and the hoopla."

The Letterman appearance is just one in a string of upcoming TV spots for Jackson that includes a musical spot on "Good Morning America" later this week and a hosting slot on "Saturday Night Live" sometime in April.

Whether she will be able to live down the incident with Justin Timberlake -- during which one of her breasts was exposed live on national TV -- remains to be seen. Equally important is whether fans are still interested in her music.

"Just a Little While," the first single from "Damita Jo," was released around the time of the Super Bowl snafu. The song moved halfway up Billboard's Hot 100 chart, before quickly dropping out of sight.

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