Jacko Accuser Reportedly Testifies

03/31/2004 AT 05:29 PM EST

The boy accusing Michael Jackson of molesting him reportedly testified on Tuesday, during the second day of secret grand jury hearings in the case, sources tell the Associated Press.

The boy, now 14, was introduced to Jackson by comedy-club owner Jamie Masada, who also reportedly testified on Tuesday.

The testimony marked the second day of the very secret high-profile hearings in Santa Barbara, Calif., whose location has been moved by District Attorney Tom Sneddon, and whose proceedings have been protected by the judge on the case.

After a good deal of confusion as to the location of the hearings on Monday, it was believed that they were being conducted at a closely guarded sheriff's facility outside of town, instead of at the county courthouse.

Similarly, Superior Court Judge Clifford Anderson had placed bans on the photographing of jurors and witnesses arriving at or leaving the courthouse, although Anderson later softened his ruling somewhat.

The grand jury hearings in this case are unusual in that these juries usually meet before a defendant is indicted. However, Jackson has already been charged with seven counts of lewd acts against a child under the age of 14 and with two counts of administering alcohol to a minor.

If the jury indicts Jackson, it will mean the prosecution does not have to present its evidence at a preliminary hearing. The testimony could last up to several weeks.

In other Jackson news, the embattled singer was denied a meeting with the Congressional Black Congress in Washington on Tuesday. Jackson had reportedly sought to meet with the 38-member group to discuss his plans to fight AIDS in Africa, AP reports. Jackson did meet privately with a couple members of Congress, however.

And finally, in an April Fools' Day telephone survey conducted in the United States, Jackson was voted "most foolish American," news organization AFP reports. It was the second year in a row that Jackson had captured the "honors." Second place went to his sister, Janet.

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