Rules of Attraction

02/13/2003 AT 11:49 AM EST

Duration: Four months

Attraction: "I like everything about her," says Kutcher. "She's just the total package."

Favorite Watering Holes: The couple can be spotted at a drive-in theater in Pasadena ("I definitely recommend that" as a dating spot, says Murphy) and bowling in Los Angeles. "We do regular, fun stuff," says Kutcher.

Distinguishing Characteristics: The party animals -- they recently hit four back-to-back Super Bowl bashes -- boast a striking height difference: He's 6'3", she's 5'1".

Offspring: None

Hunting and Gathering: Adept at hoarding movie props: Both have been spotted wearing the wedding bands they kept from the set of their recent film Just Married. For Christmas, Kutcher, 25, bought Murphy, 25, CDs and clothes; she gave him a diamond-studded cross pendant.

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