Daily Insider for February 11, 2004

02/11/2004 AT 12:00 PM EST

February 11, 2004
Some say a party isn't really a party until someone calls the cops. If that's true, then let's just say Sunday night's post-Grammys bash honoring OutKast fits the bill. Kate Hudson, Sharon Stone and Paula Abdul were among the dozens of stars celebrating at a private mansion several miles above Sunset Boulevard before the police arrived with a helicopter and searchlights to disperse the crowd of more than 1,200. With the roads around the remote Hollywood Hills location blocked off until nearly 3:30 a.m., a scantily clad Christina Aguilera was forced to wait outside among the throngs of partygoers with only her burly bodyguards to keep her warm.

The event was sponsored by Polaroid and the Hard Rock Hotel, which imported a makeshift casino for the night, complete with authentic Las Vegas dealers and provocatively attired female "dice blowers." JC Chasez seemed to be in his element, betting at the craps table with an unidentified date for almost an hour.

In the next room (a 10-minute walk in high-heeled traffic), Jessica Simpson waited patiently for almost 15 minutes to use the powder room. (She and husband Nick Lachey blew off the ceremony in favor of a sushi dinner at trendy L.A. restaurant Koi.) When the line refused to move, the world's most famous newlywed threw in the towel – but luckily, an event planner spotted her and whisked her off to a VIP restroom.

Teen star Lindsay Lohan, by contrast, took matters into her own hands. When nature came calling, the Freaky Friday star was overheard saying, "I am going to the front of the line. They can wait," as she pushed her way through. Earlier in the evening, the 17-year-old starlet (a new pal to Paris and Nicky Hilton) revealed that she will host an episode of Saturday Night Live in April.

Lohan, who stars in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (out this month), arrived at the soiree with Jack and Kelly Osbourne. Though Lindsay and Jack walked around holding hands and later did a bump and grind to a Luther Vandross tune, she insisted that she and Jack are "just good friends."

Speaking of the Osbournes, Ozzy's kids will spend Valentine's Day in Las Vegas, attending a comedy show at the Hard Rock Casino. Their visit will be taped as a segment for the current season of their MTV reality show.

The Hard Rock will also be home to the cast of The O.C. in April, for an upcoming special episode. "I guess the kids are taking a road trip," actor Benjamin McKenzie said at the OutKast party as he searched for his castmates in the crowd. "I am so excited. I have never really done Vegas."

Written and reported by: SEAN DALY

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