Mandy Moore

01/09/2004 AT 10:00 AM EST

Mandy Moore's teen-pop colleagues have taken some different career paths lately – Jessica's doing reality TV, Christina's talking trash and Britney's busy marrying and annulling. But for Moore, 19, who has successfully jumped from singer to box-office draw with flicks such as A Walk to Remember and How to Deal, her big-screen career has already lasted longer than a Las Vegas wedding. She also recently released another album (Coverage), and her personal life ain't too shabby either – she linked up with hunky U.S. Open tennis champ Andy Roddick more than a year-and-a-half ago.

Her latest foray into film is Chasing Liberty, in which she plays the eager-to-be-liberated First Daughter of the President (played by Mark Harmon). Moore recently talked about her career plans and what it's like trading volleys with her offscreen boyfriend.

So, you and Andy have been dating awhile. Any engagement plans?
No, no engagement. (Laughs.) Do you see a ring on my finger? No engagement, but seriously dating, of course. He handles his world and I handle my world. It's nice.

How did you first meet? Didn't you go out and track him down?
I guess, kind of. But the funny part was that he told me that afterwards I was kind of his "celebrity crush," which was sweet. But yeah, my mom helped me a lot in terms of meeting him.

How so?
Well, I was shooting a film and my mom was going to watch him play tennis anyway, and I said jokingly, "You know, if you do end up getting to meet this guy, invite him back" – thinking that one, he'll have no clue who I am, and two, that he's not going to accept some weird invitation from some woman's mom. But he obliged. He came and we met and hit it off.

So, is this the most serious romance you've had?
Absolutely. I'm 19. It's a big deal and love is a big deal in anyone's life.

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