Daily Insider for February 23, 2003

02/20/2004 AT 10:15 AM EST

February 23, 2004
In the comedy Along Came Polly, Jennifer Aniston plays a free-spirited woman navigating a relationship with an extremely risk-averse man (Ben Stiller). At the movie's London premiere, the Friends star revealed some details about her real-life pre-Brad Pitt dating days – including her worst date. "The guy was trying very hard, and I think he thought it would be charming to take us first to a Japanese massage parlor and start the date off that way. And do a side-by-side massage with two women walking up and down our backs while holding onto ropes," she recalled. "I don't even know why I let myself sit down on the table to begin with. ... So I didn't go to the dinner part. That was pretty much a disaster and I never saw that person again."

What do Sharon Stone, Kristin Davis, Adam Sandler, Quentin Tarantino, Edie Falco, Stanley Tucci, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey have in common? They have all donated autographed items to an online charity auction that designer Kenneth Cole is launching. Among the items up for bid:
• Shoes signed by Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey
• A wooden handbag with floral embroidery from Kristin Davis
• A sequined hooded pullover from the film The Muse from Sharon Stone
• Signed concert T-shirts from Coldplay and Good Charlotte
• A gray and orange Puma jacket from Matt Damon

Proceeds from the auction (to be held Feb. 24 to March 2 on www.gottahaveit.com) will go to Help USA, a charity that aids the homeless.

Don't expect to see Xena: Warrior Princess on the big screen anytime soon. "I think the horse might've bolted on that one," says star Lucy Lawless, who makes a cameo appearance in the new teen comedy Eurotrip. "By the time they get around to making one, I'll be too old for it. And who's going to want to see Xena as a 50-year-old woman?" Lawless, who played the seductively dressed warrior for six seasons, says that although she would like to see Xena at the local cineplex, "I'd be pissed off if they asked me to come back and play the mother or something."


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