Daily Insider for March 10, 2004

03/09/2004 AT 01:00 PM EST

March 10, 2004
Actress Leelee Sobieski plays the na├»ve Cecile de Volanges in an upcoming remake of the classic French novel Dangerous Liaisons (airing March 15 and 16 on the Women's Entertainment cable channel), but acting isn't Sobieski's only gig. The New York native is also a visual arts major at prestigious Brown University. So, will she gather her classmates for a dorm viewing party? "Oh no, no, no," she tells Daily Insider. "I never want them to see my work. I want them to know me for me, and not for my work." When she's not acting, Sobieski paints – and though she has a parakeet named Picasso, her main influence is closer to home. "My work kind of resembles my dad's work," says Sobieski, 21, of her abstract painting. "He's a painter, and I grew up with his paintings all around me, so my main visual input happened to have been his work."

Playing a lovable, quirky young woman may not sound as exciting as fighting against the forces of evil, but Liv Tyler couldn't be happier with her role in Kevin Smith's un-fantasy film Jersey Girl (opening March 26). "It's such amazing timing that this is coming out like two weeks after the whole amazing Oscars, Lord of the Rings thing," Tyler tells us. "It's nice for me, because it's such a different character." After three years of Rings fever, "In a lot of ways people feel like I am Arwen," says Tyler, 26. "All of us! I've been looking at all the trailers for Hidalgo, and it says, 'Viggo Mortensen is still the king,' and I'm thinking, 'Poor Viggo!'" Not that she's unhappy with her Elfin past: "I'm just really happy that I get to keep working."

Ever the jetsetter, P. Diddy flew to New York from Miami to make a surprise appearance at the Jackie Robinson Foundation's awards dinner on Monday. The hip-hop mogul, set to make his Broadway debut in A Raisin in the Sun (opening April 26), presented entertainers/activists Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis with humanitarian awards. Though he had never met the couple before, Diddy, 34, says he wanted to honor their work because "they quite simply represent the best in all of us." The foundation's annual awards dinner, held at the Waldorf-Astoria and hosted by Bill Cosby, also attracted Spike Lee and Star Jones.


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