Daily Insider for March 22, 2004

03/22/2004 AT 05:40 PM EST

March 22, 2004
Just how much is Paris Hilton roughing it on the road with Nicole Richie in The Simple Life 2? Though they're traveling in a trailer, Hilton will at least get some time with her boyfriend, Nick Carter – possibly on-camera. "My boyfriend is going to come visit me," she says. "I only have one time planned so far. There's no down time. We're always working. So if he comes, he'll have to be on the show."

How does Jennifer Tilly go about picking her movie roles? "The first thing I ask myself is, 'What's the paycheck?' " she tells us. "Because if it pays a lot of money I will do it no matter what." Of course, there are other factors: "If it is a major motion picture, I will do it because you have a definite release date. Usually after that it is if I like the script. And if I don't, it is if I like the character. Then after that it is who am I working with. I hardly ever ask who is the director. Usually, my philosophy is I try not to scrape the bottom of the barrel." After careful consideration, Tilly agreed to voice Grace the cow in Disney's new animated feature Home on the Range, opening April 2.

Alicia Silverstone, who snagged a small role in Scooby-Doo 2 as a TV news reporter, admits she is still "clueless" when it comes to technology. "I have a car that talks to me and I don't know how to use it," she says. "It has that ability, but if only I would sit down and learn how to use the damn thing. Or learn how to use the VCR. I can use it now if I really need to, but I don't know how to record onto the VCR." Um, Alicia ... isn't that why they invented Tivo? "Tivo makes you retarded. Because I knew how to record before Tivo, then I went back and tried to record something on the VCR and I forgot how it worked. Why is it that I am 27 years old and I am so technically challenged? I didn't even know how to check my messages on my cell phone for the first three years I had it."

Scooby-Doo star Matthew Lillard is promising fans will be much happier with the sequel, due in theaters March 26. "I think that each one of (the stars) will tell you that we realized the first movie was just okay," he says. "It did well in the box office and it was obviously a big hit, but I think that we all realized that it wasn't a very good movie. And we all made the commitment to go out and make a better movie." His biggest gripe about the original? "The fact that in the first five minutes of the movie, the gang breaks up, and the whole thing takes place on an island in the middle of the day. A quarter of it was cut out because the jokes were too Shrek-like, they were too much for the parents and went right over kids' heads. Any time you cut 15 pages out of a script, it is gonna have problems."

Written by: SEAN DALY

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