Daily Insider for April 7, 2004

04/07/2004 AT 01:00 PM EDT

April 7, 2004
Julia Stiles has at least one thing in common with her character in the modern fairy tale The Prince & Me – both are college students, though the character goes to school in Wisconsin and Stiles attends Columbia University in New York. So, if Stiles fell in love with a prince in real life, could she give it all up to be royalty? "Maybe this is me ... being guarded, but I feel like I can have my cake and eat it too," she tells Daily Insider. "Whoever would sweep me off of my feet would appreciate my ambitions. What I look for in a guy is passion and ambition, and there's nothing sexier than intellect. So hopefully that would be reciprocated." Next up for Stiles: the David Mamet play Oleanna, to be staged in London beginning April 22.

Sandra Bullock is taking a break from filming Miss Congeniality 2 to appear on ABC's George Lopez Show – which she also executive-produces – later this month. "She is the ex-lover of the Benny character's new fiancÉ, and she comes back to jump out of a cake and torment him," costar Constance Marie tells us about Bullock's recurring character, Amy, who is now blind. "She busts out of the front of the cake first and then says, 'I'll be out in a minute,' and then busts out of the top." Between takes, Marie says, "Sandy just sits there running her evil empire through her Blackberry."

Don't look for Daveigh Chase, who played the creepy demon child Samara in The Ring, in the movie's sequel, due this fall. "It's not a project I want to be involved in now," the 13-year-old actress told us at the L.A. premiere of Walking Tall. Samara will be back, however, Chase says: "They're going to hire a small adult double for my part in the sequel. She's not going to have any lines. They're just showing her feet and stuff."

Recently spotted:
Jennifer Connelly, hanging with a friend in the lobby of New York's Mercer Hotel, while husband Paul Bettany cooed over their son, Stellan. Connelly, who's in town filming the thriller Dark Water, relaxed with an unidentified woman until 12:30 a.m., while Bettany bounced the 8-month-old baby on his knee.

Paula Abdul, shopping at Cynthia Rowley's boutique on Bleecker Street in New York's Greenwich Village. She bought more than 16 pieces of the designer's fall collection, including a silver quilted jacket, an orange and pink felt blazer, a black chandelier dress, a black satin jacket and yellow gloves. "She loved the collection," says an onlooker. "She was in the store for four hours. She loved everything in the store and tried everything on." While she was there, she took in a private viewing of the spring line. "She loved it so much, she placed an order for the spring for another 16 pieces." Gwyneth Paltrow also stopped into the chic boutique with a friend recently, wearing black sunglasses and a long black pea coat. She browsed but didn't buy anything, our source says.


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