Celebrity Pet Peeves

Celebrity Pet Peeves
Keira Knightley
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05/14/2004 AT 04:00 PM EDT

Keira Knightley: When people stop in front of you on the street, because they trip you up.

Mark Ruffalo: People who flaunt their money.

Kelly Clarkson: If I see someone's clothing tag hanging out, I freak out. Even if I don't know the person, I'll go up and fix it.

Jay Leno: Talk show guests that have nothing to say.

Jamie Kennedy: Baja Fresh gives you a side of salsa, and they give you a side of sour cream. But they don't give you a side of guacamole – you have to pay for it. What's up with that, Baja Fresh? Cheap asses.

Seann William Scott: Girls who use the line, "I see you all the time at the gym."

George Lopez: When someone eats anything off of my plate, it drives me crazy.

Celebrity Pet Peeves| Keira Knightley, Actor Class

Frankie Muniz: People driving slowly on the freeway in L.A. I want to get a motorcycle so I can go through the middle.

Adam Mesh (Average Joe): Construction outside your apartment window is the worst.

Tim McGraw: Waiting for anything, like lines or traffic.
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