Stars Go Google-Crazy

Stars Go Google-Crazy
Paris Hilton
Dennis Van Tine/LFI

07/30/2004 AT 06:00 AM EDT

Paris Hilton: "Yeah. I found like 3 million Web sites of the weirdest stuff."

Frankie Muniz: "There are a lot of Web sites saying that they're me, but it's not me. When the show first started, I'd have my friends say online, 'No, you're not (Frankie).' "

Jason Ritter (Joan of Arcadia): It's more fun looking up other Jason Ritters. There's a (snowmobile) racer who's won a bunch of championships.

Jay Leno: I write a column for Popular Mechanics, and that pops up.

Jeremy Piven: No, because I remember fifth grade, walking around the corner, there was a circle of girls, and they were talking about who they liked and took a vote. I happened upon the circle right as they were saying my name, and only a couple of the girls raised their hands. Ever since then, I realized it's not so good to know what other people say about you because nobody wins.

Paul Rudd: "Embarrassingly, yes." What did you find? "There are a couple of Web pages that people had set up, which was flattering. And I think there was a connection to nude pictures of me. Which I know for a fact are fake, but flattered nonetheless."

Brittany Snow (American Dreams): "I check message boards all the time. I read only the bad comments: that I'm really annoying, my voice is really high and my hair is frizzy and big. This is why Hollywood is screwed up and girls get all psycho."

Michael Clarke Duncan: "I found a very informative Web site where this guy said I was his all-time favorite actor. I bookmarked it."

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Ben Stein: "My favorite thing I found was a site called, 'Ben Stein for President.'"

Jai Rodriguez (Queer Eye for the Straight Guy): "I found a rumor that I'm straight. That's because my best friends are straight, so an average night out is having dinner, and then going to a strip club."
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