Catching Up with The Apprentices

Catching Up with The Apprentices
"It's addictive, the high of having the attention on you. And then it's over," says former Apprentice hopeful Sam Solovey (left, front row, with Troy McClain, Donald Trump, Heidi Bressler, Tammy Lee, Ereka Vetrini and Amy Henry; back row, from left: Bill Rancic, Bowie Hogg, Jason Curis, Nick Warnock, Kwame Jackson, David Gould, Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, Katrina Campins, Kristi Frank and Jessie Conners).
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09/08/2004 AT 04:00 PM EDT

Bill Rancic
The Donald selected him to win a $250,000-a-year position in the Trump organization, but that wasn't enough for Chicago-based Apprentice victor Rancic, 33, who admits he sleeps only "four hours a night." His business advice book You're Hired hit stores on Sept. 7; he's the corporate spokesman for Advanta, a financial services company that caters to small-business owners; and he'll make several guest appearances on the second season of The Apprentice (premiering Sept. 9).

Amy Henry
She was the last woman standing on The Apprentice and Henry, 31, is hoping for her 16th minute of fame with the Sept. 13 release of her book, What It Takes: A Modern Woman's Guide to Success in Business. Austin-based Henry will also offer her insights on the new Apprentice wannabes as an MSNBC commentator.

Kwame Jackson
The Apprentice runner-up has not slowed down since tipping his hat to winner Rancic. Jackson, 30, started Legacy Development Partners, whose projects include producing direct-to-video movies and a recently announced $3.8 billion real-estate development venture in Prince George's County, Md. He's also starting a clothing line and has written a book, Taking the High Road, which looks at his experiences on the show and his views on corporate America.

Ereka Vetrini
She may not be the boss on Tony Danza's new syndicated talk show, which hits airwaves on Sept. 13, but native New Yorker Vetrini, 28, says she's happy to be the actor's sidekick. "It's not all about me. I'll be sort of like his female alter-ego," she explains. Ironically, Vetrini went head-to-head with fellow Apprentice Amy Henry for the gig. "I think I wanted it more," says Vetrini.

Troy McClain
His down-home charm masked the real business shark within on the show. Today, the top-five finalist from Boise is a spokesman for Pinnacle Financial Corp., an independently owned mortgage lender. Of McClain, 33, pal Kwame Jackson says: "I can trust him."

Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth
Fellow Apprentice contestant Amy Henry called her "the best reality TV villain of all time," and Manigault-Stallworth, 30, has been trying to cash in on her infamy. This summer, she set up her own for-fee phone service, the Omarosa Diva line. "It's for those who love me and love to hate me," she said of the number, now disconnected. She's also shopping around her own talk show.

David Gould
Gould, 32, has a medical degree and an MBA, but his higher learning didn't help him stay afloat on The Apprentice: He was the first one fired from the show. Did he learn anything from his experience? "Absolutely nothing," he says. Gould is now working for Merlin BioMed, a Manhattan-based life-sciences investment firm.

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Katrina Campins
On Aug. 14, Miami-based Campins, 24, wed her longtime love, fellow real-estate broker Ben Moss, surrounded by a slew of former Apprentice contestants, including Kwame Jackson, Nick Warnock, Jessie Conners, Heidi Bressler and Ereka Vetrini. Since her Apprentice days, Campins has found success in another small-screen venture: She's a correspondent for the ESPN show Cold Pizza.

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