Jessica Biel Likes the Action

Jessica Biel Likes the Action
Jessica Biel
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01/18/2005 AT 06:00 AM EST

It seems her butt-kicking turn as a vampire-slaying babe in Blade: Trinity wasn't just another role for Jessica Biel. No, she isn't out on the streets killing the undead in her downtime – but offscreen she does seem to be quite the action-adventure junkie. "I want to get my advanced open water dive certificate so I can go wreck diving, scuba diving into wrecked ships," Biel told us recently. "I'm hoping to get into a place where there's warmer water so I can get certified for that. I'd love to go do that in Hawaii or Bali. But I'll go anywhere tropical; I don't care." That's not all – the former Seventh Heaven star is also getting back in touch with her inner child-athlete: "I think I'm going to start doing gymnastics again. I did it as a kid for a long time and I'm really into that," she said. "It's something that keeps you incredibly in shape and keeps your coordination up. It really helped out when I was shooting Blade, being able to do cartwheels or back handsprings. I know of a trainer who does private stuff so I might try to get a little group of friends together and do some tumbling."

Beauty Seacrest
So, what can we expect on the new season of America Idol, premiering tonight? "We saw plenty of, I don't know if you guys remember a guy by the name of William Hung ... I appreciate what he's been able to accomplish because if he can attain his goals, we all can,"] host Ryan Seacrest tells Ellen DeGeneres. "I call him naïve, (and) we've seen our share of na├»ve contestants. We see great ones, but we also see those who are not putting on an act. There are those that have many other voices in their heads, and those are the ones we put on the show." As for Seacrest's famous fussiness, we think metrosexual is so 2004 – but apparently he didn't get that memo. "(I do) a few things, manicure, pedicure, eyebrows, facials, I enjoy a nice deep-tissue massage," he tells Ellen. Seacrest also disclosed his extensive beauty regimen, which includes moisturizer, hydrating seaweed and mineral spray and facial scrub. Where does he find the time, with Idol on multiple nights? Stay tuned...

Dead Set
We've heard some wild and weird methods for actors to prep for their roles, but Hill Harper, who plays reclusive coroner Sheldon Hawkes on CSI: NY, gets a prize for his. "I've actually sat in on a lot of autopsies," says the actor. "That's the main thing. I've sat in on real autopsies. In New York, I went to Bellevue (Hospital). I went down to the morgue and got to sit in on a few autopsies. The smell is incredible. My stomach almost started turning. The other actors went to the crime labs and did some other things, so it was just me. It rattled me a little bit."

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