Kelly Doesn't Sweat Her Big-Screen Flop

06/24/2003 AT 01:00 PM EDT

For Kelly Clarkson, ignorance is bliss.

Although her movie debut, "From Justin To Kelly," was killed by critics and then totally ignored by audiences over the weekend, last year's "American Idol" winner claims to the Associated Press that she isn't particularly movie savvy to begin with.

In other words, she had no idea who her chief competition was at the multiplex.

Clarkson, 21, admits that she may be the only person on earth who has never heard of "The Hulk" -- though she does love Jennifer Connelly, who appears as the jolly green giant's love interest in movie, which made $63 million the same weekend that Clarkson's movie barely made $3 million.

"Yep," wrote New York Daily News critic Jack Matthews, who gave "Justin to Kelly" zero stars, "(it's) worse than 'Beach Blanket Bingo,' worse than 'Sizzle Beach, U.S.A.' and way worse than the recent reality bust 'The Real Cancun,' which at least had titillation value."

Fortunately, Clarkson says her personal life is much more important than her career.

Meanwhile, it appears "American Idol" is still a hit in the music world, at least. Tickets for the upcoming two-month tour of finalists from the second series -- which was won by Ruben Studdard -- are selling faster than last year's shows featuring stars of the first season, reports.

Promoters say 23 of the 41 dates of the tour, which begins July 8, are already sold out.

In 2002, just 10 of the total 30 dates sold out, after interest waned when the TV show finished, Debra Rathwell of promoter AEG Live tells Billboard. She credits this year's "extra week of 'Idol' mania, (which) helped build sales."
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