Hilary Duff Has Designs on Teen Girls

03/15/2004 AT 06:08 PM EST

Donatella Versace, move over.

This weekend in Toronto, "Lizzie McGuire" veteran Hilary Duff unveiled her new fashion line for teen girls in the Canadian city, according local news reports, which say that the line was met with loud squeals of delight from its junior-high-aged audience.

"Looking good and being trendy shouldn't mean showing off a lot of skin," Duff, 16, said before the fashion show, as quoted by the Canadian Press. "The clothes can let girls be creative and have fun fashions without being super revealing."

The fashion show reportedly took place on a bedroom set with the teen models popping out of a closet and yakking among themselves. The leisure look of the line, which Duff calls "On the Road," was heavy on pinks and blues and is said to reflect how the new designer likes to dress in her own free time off the movie set.

Tracksuits and T-shirts dominated that look, while to reflect Duff's musical side, she also unveiled her "Rock and Roll" line -- dark denim skirts and jackets offset by pink T-shirts (with the with the slogans "Girlz Rock," "Awesome" and "Totally Cool") with a black-and-white tie decal.

The models, says CP, sported black boxer boots, trucker hats, pink knee-high socks and chain belts accented with a "Stuff" medallion.

Duff, (who sported jeans and a white tank top covered with a large, pink knitted shawl at her unveiling) is said to have fashioned her line from what she already has in her own closet. She trusts that sister teens will embrace the look, which will be sold at Target, according to New York's Daily News.

"I hope that they don't wear a low-cut shirt to try and get a guy, because that definitely wouldn't be the way to go about doing it. It really wouldn't be the right kind of relationship," said Duff, who adds that her own relationship, with pop star Aaron Carter, is back on track, despite him briefly dating her rival Lindsay Lohan. The triangle sparked a feud that Duff called "the stupidest thing in the world."

Meanwhile Duff is suddenly finding herself embroiled in yet another feud, this time with 17-year-old Canadian songbird Avril Lavigne, whom Duff publicly accused of not appreciating her fans.

In this week's Newsweek, Lavigne responds: "Who the hell cares what she has to say about my fans? Whatever ... Hilary Duff's such a goody-goody, such a mommy's girl."

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