Clooney Suffers Ruptured Disk

Clooney Suffers Ruptured Disk
George Clooney

11/30/2004 AT 08:00 AM EST

New mom Julia Roberts won't be the only one missing out on publicity appearances for the new movie Ocean's Twelve. Now George Clooney is out of commission – having suffered a ruptured disk, his spokesman says.

That means Clooney, 43, will have to skip planned appearances on Good Morning America, The Daily Show and Charlie Rose.

Clooney's rep, Stan Rosenfield, says the actor informed him this weekend that he would be unable to travel from his home in California to New York – though Rosenfield, speaking to the Associated Press, declined to divulge further details, including how or when the injury occurred.

Asked when Clooney might be back in the saddle to ride the publicity wagon, Rosenfield said, "Hopefully, next week."

Variety columnist Army Archerd, speaking to the Ocean's Twelve producer Jerry Weintraub, predicts Clooney will be on the red carpet for the Dec. 8 premiere in L.A., following a "a complete and speedy recovery."

Archerd also goes on to quote Viola Davis, who costarred with Clooney in 2002's ill-fated sci-fi film Solaris and shares the screen with him again in his next movie, Syriana, in which he plays a CIA operative.

Reporting that Clooney gained 20 pounds for his Syriana role and has scenes in which his character is tortured, Davis, 39, says: "George shows he's a really great character actor. ... Some day we have to do a musical."
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