Ashton Kutcher

January 10

Movie Marriage

Kutcher and Brittany Murphy enjoy box office success with their romantic comedy Just Married. Off-screen, the two stars wear their movie wedding bands but deny engagement rumors. After five months, Kutcher and Murphy call it quits. Before the break, Kutcher tells PEOPLE that "Brittany will forever be my first wife."

Ashton Kutcher

Pulling a Hat Trick

Kutcher takes a crack at fellow celebrities (including Justin Timberlake, left) with Punk'd, the MTV version of the old hidden camera trick. For the series, the actor tries on all three hats as cocreator, coproducer and host, but it's his trucker hats that ignite a fashion trend. After two successful seasons, the jokester abruptly ends Punk'd, but the joke is on the fans. The show's third season is announced on April Fools 2004.

Ashton Kutcher

May 30

Moore to Love

From Ashton's eatery in L.A. to Diddy's yacht in Miami, onlookers take notice of Kutcher and a new woman in his life – Demi Moore, who is 15 years his senior. A witness tells PEOPLE that the two stars shared a "very romantic" kiss outside a Miami restaurant.


Ashton Kutcher

January 24

A Thrilling Effect

The actor surprises unfriendly critics with the success of his sci-fi thriller The Butterfly Effect, costarring Amy Smart (left). Making nearly $58 million at the box office, the film portrays Kutcher as a college student who keeps going back in time to fix his friends' lives.


Goodbye to the '70s

The 2005/2006 season of That '70s Show goes on without regulars Kutcher and costar Topher Grace. After seven seasons, the two decide to pursue their film careers but make guest appearances on the show.

Ashton Kutcher

January 23

Matchmaker for the Geeks

The actor moves up the ladder to executive producer in his new WB show Beauty and the Geek, a reality series that matches beautiful women with intelligent but awkward men.

Ashton Kutcher

September 24

A Quick To-Do

After months of rumors, Kutcher and Moore tie the knot. The high profile couple marries in a Kabbalah ceremony at their home in Beverly Hills. Kutcher takes on the role of step-dad to Moore's three daughters from her earlier marriage to Bruce Willis. The girls nickname their new parent "MOD," short for "My Other Dad."


Ashton Kutcher


A Swimming Team

Kutcher teams up with Kevin Costner in the Coast Guard action drama The Guardian (left). When the film opens, Kutcher nabs the two top spots at the box office with The Guardian and the animated movie Open Season, in which he voices an one-horned mule deer.


Ashton Kutcher


Ashton Gets "Sexy" for Details

Kutcher shows off his ''super sexy'' side in the latest issue of Details, where he discusses his decision to marry Demi Moore at age 27: "I've literally just been voted the world's most eligible bachelor and I'm like, I'm going off the market. I've found the one. If I had thought about it I would have been like, 'Nah, nah.' But what can you do? When you're in that deep, you can't think." The 30-year-old actor also stars with Cameron Diaz in the romantic comedy, What Happens in Vegas, which opens at No. 3.


Ashton Kutcher


A United Front

Before their fifth wedding anniversary, a tabloid claims Kutcher had an affair with a 21-year-old California woman last July. Calling the cheating account a "defamation of character," the couple presents a united front, with Kutcher joining Moore on the set of her film, The Reasonable Bunch. "You could hear them laughing in her trailer," a source tells PEOPLE.

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Ashton Kutcher
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Christopher Ashton Kutcher
Date of Birth
February 07, 1978
Birth Place
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Mila Kunis, fiancée (2012 to present)
Demi Moore, ex-wife (2003 to 2013)
Brittany Murphy, ex-girlfriend (Oct. 2002 to April 2003)
Ashley Scott, ex-girlfriend (2001 to 2002)
January Jones, ex-girlfriend (1998 to 2001)
Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher, daughter (9/30/14)
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Ashton Kutcher

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