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Audrina Patridge
Date of Birth
May 09, 1985
Birth Place
Los Angeles, Calif.
Being Lauren Conrad's BFF made Heidi Montag a star. But when Montag chose her trouble-making beau Spencer Pratt over Conrad, Audrina Patridge stepped in for the "brainwashed" blonde. The hot-bodied brunette was at Conrad's side when Pratt spread those nasty sex tape rumors, but behind the scenes Patridge had her own scandal brewing.

Just as her profile was rising on the MTV hit in 2008, nude photos of a pre-fame Patridge surfaced online. But the brouhaha only seemed to catapult her into stardom: Patridge bid bid farewell to The Hills in 2010, flaunted her killer bod on Dancing with the Stars, and nabbed her own reality show for Vh1.

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Get the ultimate beach guide from the ultimate beach girls – The Hills stars Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge. (01:28)

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Audrina Patridge: Five Fun Facts

  1. Audrina Patridge is related to former Charlie's Angels star Cheryl Ladd. "On my dad's side, she's a distant cousin from South Dakota," she told PEOPLE. "I haven't met her, so that's all I know."
  2. When reports surfaced questioning the authenticity of The Hills, Audrina Patridge told EW, "You know, like, it's real. Sometimes we have to reenact a certain catch our fans up."
  3. The nude photos of Audrina Patridge that made their mark online in March 2008 were reportedly intended to be sent to Playboy in hopes of Patridge becoming a bunny.
  4. Audrina Patridge is a karaoke fanatic. "Every week we go to a karaoke bar in Orange County," she said of singing with her family. "My favorite is probably "These Boots Are Made for Walking.""
  5. Despite having appeared on three reality TV shows, Audrina Patridge finds it difficult watching herself onscreen. "It is honestly a bit weird seeing my life condensed on TV," she said. "I watch it and notice things I do that I don't realize...I was definitely my own worst critic!"

Audrina Patridge: Biography


Audrina Patridge

Pitching Reality

After graduating from El Dorado High School in Placentia, Calif., Patridge, an aspiring model and actress, is approached by MTV producers of Laguna Beach spin-off, The Hills, starring good-girl Lauren Conrad. "The executive producer came up and started talking to me about a new show. He said it was kind of like Sex and the City and he really liked what I had going on," Patridge tells Sydney's MX newspaper. "They had me go in and meet the other directors and they all loved me. It just fell in my lap, but it was good timing. It was fate."


Audrina Patridge

May 31

The Hills Are Alive!

The Hills premieres with Conrad's roommate and BFF Heidi Montag introducing Conrad to Patridge – who happens to live in the same apartment complex as the girls. While working as a receptionist at Quixote Studios, where Conrad and fellow Teen Vogue intern Whitney Port occasionally visit for photo shoots, the show's stars become good friends.


Audrina Patridge


Heidi's Out...Audrina's In

After Montag begins dating Spencer Pratt (who trashes Conrad in the press and hits on Patridge behind Montag's back), Patridge becomes Conrad's closest confidant and roommate. In the third season premiere, Conrad confronts Montag. In the onscreen spat, Patridge sticks up for Conrad, calling Montag "brainwashed" by Pratt – who claims Conrad made a sex tape with her ex Jason Wahler.

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