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Brooke Shields
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May 31, 1965
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New York, N.Y.
Before Britney and Lindsay, there was thick browed, long-legged Lolita Brooke Shields. Pretty Baby, The Blue Lagoon and her innuendo-packed Calvin Klein ads made her the teenage seductress of the 80s – a reputation perpetuated by high-profile dalliances with John Travolta and John F. Kennedy, Jr.

But Shields had more to offer than the persona crafted by her stage "momager" Teri: she graduated from Princeton in 1987, headlined her own critically applauded NBC sitcom, Suddenly Susan, and lashed out at Scientologist movie star Tom Cruise in defense of anti-depressants, which she used to treat the postpartum depression she suffered after having her daughter Rowan in 2003.

Cruise eventually apologized and Shields happily gave birth to her second daughter in 2006. The following year, after guest appearances on Entourage and Nip/Tuck, Shields announced her return to NBC for Candace Bushnell's (author of Sex and the City) Lipstick Jungle.

Brooke Shields: Five Fun Facts

  1. Costumers on the set of The Blue Lagoon glued Brooke Shields' long-haired wig to her breasts so that they wouldn't show during her topless scenes.
  2. At 15, Brooke Shields became the youngest person ever to host The Muppet Show, playing Alice in the Muppet's take on Alice in Wonderland.
  3. In 1983, Princeton University's student newspaper created a satirical issue called the "Brooke Book," with Brooke Shields on the cover. College administrators removed the newspaper's editors from their posts before the issue was published.
  4. After her split from Andre Agassi, Brooke Shields got what she calls a ''reactionary'' haircut. "A few bad months and some champagne and I came back with a bob," she told PEOPLE in 1999. "But I'm happier when it's long."
  5. After her highly-publicized feud with Tom Cruise, Brooke Shields and Katie Holmes gave birth in the same hospital on the same day. "The irony is perfect," Shields told Access Hollywood. "The world works in an interesting way."

Brooke Shields: Biography


Brooke Shields

April 05

Pretty Baby

A preteen Shields plays a prostitute in Louis Malle's Pretty Baby. The controversial film's most shocking moment: a nude scene of 12-year-old Shields, which is cut from many releases. Despite the adult content, Shields is glad she accepted the role. "There was no sense of debauchery, or there was nothing sort of dirty about the way the story was told," she tells NPR in 2005. "I don't think any of us ever really questioned it, and I still don't question it."


Brooke Shields

June 20

The Blue Lagoon

Although her nude scenes in The Blue Lagoon are filmed by older body doubles, 15-year-old Shields does perform love scenes with co-star Christopher Atkins (left). Sparks fly between the two teenagers. "They were in love – all goo-goo," mother-manager Teri tells PEOPLE. "I think they brainwashed themselves." By the film's release, the goo-goo is gone. "She became very businesslike toward me," Atkins tells PEOPLE of Shields, who earns a Razzie for Worst Actress.

Brooke Shields


The In-Between

Shields provocatively stares into the camera and asks, "You wanna know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing." Those few words increase designer Calvin Klein's (right) revenue by 300 percent in 90 days, according to Newsweek. Although much of the public is outraged by Shields' special brand of sexual innuendo, the controversy only raises her profile. She is reputed to be the youngest person to ever grace the cover of Vogue, and by year's end, appears on three more of the fashion magazine's covers.

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