It's the centerpiece of the nursery and possibly the most expensive purchase new parents make. How to decide on a crib? Take a look at our top picks. By Danielle Friedland

Best Bedside

Name: Arm's Reach Sleigh Bed Bassinet
Price: $370
Why It's Great: Some parents love the idea of co-sleeping with their child, but are worried about the safety of sharing a bed. That's where Arm's Reach Sleigh Bed Bassinet comes in. The bassinet sidles up next to mom's side of the bed and attaches to the mattress so she can breastfeed with ease or reach out and touch her baby. Unlike other co-sleepers, this one's classic design is more likely to fit in with your own grown-up furniture. When baby outgrows the sleigh bed, at about 18 months, it converts to a child's love seat.

We also like: The Arm's Reach Deskette ($299) later converts to a child desk.