It's the centerpiece of the nursery and possibly the most expensive purchase new parents make. How to decide on a crib? Take a look at our top picks. By Danielle Friedland

Best Iron

Name: Bratt Décor Venetian 3-in-1
Price: $966
Why It's Great: Iron cribs evoke such vintage glamour and elegance, it's no wonder they're popular for girls' rooms (but they can work for boys', too). Available in four finishes, Bratt Décor's Venetian crib gives you multiple looks for one price. Add the four posters for a poster bed, or add the cross bars and fabric for a canopy-style bed. It also converts to a toddler bed and a daybed.

We also like: Corsican Kids' huge line of iron cribs range from simple ($1,188) to ornate ($2,700) to fantastical ($4,800).