It's the centerpiece of the nursery and possibly the most expensive purchase new parents make. How to decide on a crib? Take a look at our top picks. By Danielle Friedland

Best Round

Name: Angel Line Round Crib
Price: $540
Why It's Great: Round cribs are quite dramatic and unusual, and give babies a 360-degree view of their surroundings. They're great for small rooms, but can work in the center of a room, as well. The downside of this crib type is that most outlive their usefulness when your child reaches 35", and they cannot be converted into a toddler bed. Round cribs tend to be quite expensive, starting at $800, with the exception being the Angel Line Round Crib (which includes a mattress).

We also like: Fine Round Cribs' Guinevere and Camelot models ($1099-$1299) have doors that open up to make placing baby inside easier, and allow adults to curl up inside with baby, too!