Celebrity Baby Hairstyles

From Kingston's curls to Suri's pigtails, see how to get the looks of our favorite little stars. By Danielle Friedland


Who's Got the Look: Kingston Rossdale, Grier Henchy
About This Style: Cozy Friedman, founder of New York City's Cozy's Cuts for Kids, says, "We're seeing parents (like Gwen Stefani and Brooke Shields) embracing and encouraging waves and curls." This look is easy to wear and style, which makes grooming younger children a breeze.
Other Kids With This Look: Marcia Cross' daughter, Savannah Mahoney, Violet Grohl, Sadie Sandler, Soleil Moon Frye's older daughter, Poet Goldberg, Rachel Weisz's son, Henry Aronofsky, Chris Cornell's daughter, Toni Cornell, Kevin Dillon's daughter, Ava Dillon