Celebrity Baby Hairstyles

From Kingston's curls to Suri's pigtails, see how to get the looks of our favorite little stars. By Danielle Friedland


Who's Got the Look: Alice Richmond, Ramona Sarsgaard
About This Style: Parents like Tina Fey or Maggie Gyllenhaal wanting to let their kids' hair grow long still need to have it trimmed and shaped to keep it looking neat. Linda Sherwood, senior designer at NYC's James Bentley Salon, thinks Ramona's Page Boy Bob was intended to keep her baby curls in place. She says, "With this type of cut at her age (this is probably one of Ramona's first haircuts), she still has her baby curls. A few more haircuts, though, and she could easily lose her baby curls completely." Meanwhile, Alice has yet to have her first cut.