The Ups & Downs on the Road to Motherhood: In Their Own Words

From Zoë Saldana's emergency C- section to Jenni Pulos' infertility struggles, celebs open up about the challenges of becoming a mom


Her Challenge: Infertility
The star of Bravo's Flipping Out is planning for baby number two with husband Dr. Jonathan Nassos, but the process has been anything but easy. "I think talking about infertility is important. Being open about it and being able to share lets other people understand that they're not alone," Pulos tells PEOPLE of her choice to document her efforts to get pregnant with a second child on the show. "Of course it was hard. But I learned a lot about it. Hopefully I can be helpful to other people." Most importantly, Pulos urges other women going through the same experience to try to stay positive. "I try to remain positive when things aren't exactly the way I want. If I'm getting 80 percent right I'm pretty happy with that."