6 Moms Who've Had Super Fit Pregnancies (and Are in Better Shape Than Your Non-Pregnant Self)

Wow, the excuses we use not to exercise – "stubbed toe a few days ago" – now seem invalid


It's no surprise that the yoga instructor and soon-to-be mom of three hasn't abandoned her workout regimen despite nearing the end of her pregnancy. In a recent Instagram video, Baldwin lifts a 7-lb. weight over her head to work on her triceps … wearing nothing but a bra and underwear. "Don't stress about the weight," she wrote in the caption. "I'm good at throwing them around … lots of years of practice and good aim. Just don't want to stress you out." The 32-year-old, who shares daughter Carmen, 3, and son Rafael, almost 15 months, with husband Alec Baldwin, has previously said on Instagram: "Getting towards the end of pregnancy, it is hard to stay fit. I worked out every day when I was pregnant with Carmen, less with Rafa, and with this one … I REALLY have to get creative and make time."