Chris Pine

Joining the Family Business

The son of CHiPs star Robert Pine and actress Gwynne Gilford, Pine studies acting at the University of Leeds in England and San Francisco's American Conservatory Theater after earning a degree in English from U.C. Berkley in 2002. In 2003, he lands bit parts on ER and CSI: Miami.


Chris Pine

August 11

Royal Pain

Pine makes a royal impression on tweens in The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. Playing a rival royal who falls for Anne Hathaway's Princess Mia, Pine jokes to the New York Daily News, "The only attention I got from Princess Diaries was a 3-year-old in an airport lounge calling me Prince Nicholas."


Chris Pine

May 12

Getting Lucky

Pine plays an unlucky, yet lovable loser opposite Lindsay Lohan in Just My Luck. "It's a big thing, obviously, for me to be starring with someone at her level," he says of Lohan at the time. "She's so natural in front of the camera…and that made my job ten times easier."


Chris Pine

Paging Captain Kirk

Pine is recruited to play Starfleet commander Captain James T. Kirk for JJ Abrams' much-hyped Star Trek reboot, rounding out the cast with Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana and Eric Bana. "There's tremendous responsibility," Pine tells Men's Health of portraying the iconic TV character made famous by William Shatner. "There's tremendous pressure. But all those just clarify your vision."


Chris Pine

May 08

Star on the Rise

Star Trek opens to huge numbers at the box office, earning $72.5 million in its opening weekend. "He is our star," director J.J. Abrams tells the Los Angeles Times, "and it was an intense challenge to take on a role that was so defined for so long by [William] Shatner."

Chris Pine


Man About Starlets

Pine makes hookup headlines when The Hills hottie Audrina Patridge is spotted leaving his L.A. apartment. Although the two are later photographed together at a Hollywood bar, they remain silent on their reported relationship – which fizzles as Patridge reunites with an ex the following month. By the end of the year, Pine briefly dates Attack of the Show! host Olivia Munn.


Chris Pine


Pining For More

Pine opens up to Details about turning 30, and making his way in Hollywood as a serious leading man. "Sometimes I think I need to get crazy," he tells the mag. "Go to Vegas. Do some drugs. Get some hookers. Gamble it all away. And it never happens. I usually just end up at home on my couch – reading." But whatever the future holds, don't expect it to include a girlfriend. "I'm single and very happy about it," Pine says. "I think I'll be more like...the George Clooney."

Chris Pine

November 12

All Aboard!

Pine stars opposite Denzel Washington in Unstoppable, about a pair of conductors racing to stop a runaway train. "To work with two of my idols was just a dream come true," he tells MTV of working alongside Washington and director Tony Scott. "It's action-packed, and it's got some really interesting, complex characters to kind of anchor the whole thing". The film opens at No. 2, taking in $23.5 million.


Chris Pine

February 17

War Zone

Pine stars opposite Tom Hardy in the action rom-com This Means War, which pits the hunks against each other for the affections of Reese Witherspoon. "You get to play with guns and have someone teach you how to do all the fun tricks, and take out a bunch of bad guys, and make it look real. It's a lot of fun," he tells MSN Movies of portraying a spy.


Chris Pine

May 16

Star of the Show

Pine again dons the Starfleet uniform alongside Quinto and Saldana for Star Trek Into Darkness, which pits him against legendary villain Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch). "It's always fun to see the underdog kind of in the face of great obstacle and great hardship get up again and again and again," he says of playing an unsinkable Captain Kirk. "And I think that that is a sign of a good leader." The sci-fi sequel opens at No. 1 at the box office, brining in $70 million.

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Chris Pine

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