Courteney Cox: Snapshot

Courteney Cox
Date of Birth
June 15, 1964
Birth Place
Birmingham, Ala.
After jumping on stage with Bruce Springsteen in his "Dancing in the Dark" music video, Courteney Cox went on to TV fame as Michael J. Fox's girlfriend on Family Ties in the '80s and most memorably as Monica on Friends.

In addition to her TV roles, the petite brunette has made movie appearances in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and the Scream horror franchise. After her FX show Dirt got cancelled after two seasons, she returned to network TV with ABC's Cougar Town in 2009.

In real life, Cox became close with Friends costar Jennifer Aniston and married fellow Scream actor David Arquette, with whom she had daughter Coco in 2004. Following more than a decade of marriage, the pair officially divorced in 2013. By year's end, Cox found new love with Snow Patrol band member Johnny McDaid, whom she's set to wed.

Courteney Cox: Five Fun Facts

  1. Courteney Cox and husband David Arquette engraved their wedding bands with "A deal is a deal."
  2. Growing up, Courteney Cox was complimented for her "all-American" look, which she hated. "I love America, but I'd much rather look exotic or European, like Isabella Rossellini – she's gorgeous," she told In Style.
  3. Courteney Cox originally auditioned for the role of Rachel on Friends before being cast as Monica.
  4. Then-boyfriend Adam Duritz of the band Counting Crows wrote the song "Monkey" for Courteney Cox in 1996. She also appeared in one of the band's music videos, "A Long December".
  5. Courteney Cox and former Friends costar Jennifer Aniston kissed on the season finale of Cox's FX show Dirt, in which Aniston guest starred as a rival magazine editor.

Courteney Cox: Biography


Courteney Cox

Split Decision

After 19 years of marriage, Cox's parents, Richard, a building contractor, and her mother, Courteney, a homemaker, divorce. She lives with her mother and her three older siblings, a brother and two sisters, in Mountain Brook, Ala.


Courteney Cox

Bruce Almighty

At an audition for director Brian de Palma, Cox lands the memorable part of a Bruce Springsteen fan in the singer's music video "Dancing in the Dark." She is paid $350 for Springsteen to pluck her from the audience at a concert and dance with her on stage.


Courteney Cox

A Groundbreaking "Period"

In a commercial for Tampax tampons, Cox becomes the first person to use the word "period" in a biological sense on TV in the U.S. She also lands bit parts on TV shows, including As the World Turns and The Love Boat, before nabbing her first role in a major motion picture, Masters of the Universe, a live-action feature film based on a popular cartoon series.

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Courteney Cox

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