A Blunt Debut

Londoner Emily Blunt debuts onstage alongside legendary actress Dame Judi Dench in The Royal Family, for which Blunt is honored as best newcomer by the London paper The Evening Standard. Two years later, she makes the jump to British TV in the series Boudica and the drama Henry VIII.


Emily Blunt

Emily's Summer of Love

Blunt lands her first big-screen role as the manipulating teen in the British indie hit My Summer of Love. "Playing 'baddies' is just more fun playing than 'goodies,'" Blunt tells Blackbook magazine of her deceitful character Tamsin. The movie not only garners attention for its risqué plot but a best British film BAFTA.


Emily Blunt


In Love with Michael Bublé

Blunt meets Canadian crooner Michael Bublé backstage at one of his concerts, and the two stars begin dating. "Every time I see her onscreen, I fall in love with her all over again," Bublé tells PEOPLE. Blunt adds, "I get tears in my eyes when I see him onstage." To escape the Hollywood limelight, the couple moves in together in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Emily Blunt

Gideon's Golden Girl

Blunt returns to British TV in the drama Gideon's Daughter as a teen disillusioned by the death of her mother and the infidelity of her father (played by Bill Nighy). Up against the likes of Katherine Heigl and Toni Collette, Blunt wins the Golden Globe for best supporting actress in a TV series or movie. "My award was given to me by P. Diddy," Blunt tells USA Weekend. "He was really nice. But I've never been invited to one of his parties. I'm a little upset about that."

Emily Blunt

June 30

Assistant to 'The Devil'

Alongside movie stars Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway, Blunt is dubbed the scene-stealer of The Devil Wears Prada. Hamming it up as the industry-hardened first assistant to Hathaway's naïve newcomer, Blunt serves the feared fashion editor coolly played by Streep. "[I was] given lines on a golden plate," Blunt tells EW. "I just hoped people wouldn't think I'd gone over the top." The movie draws in $124 million and earns Blunt her second Golden Globe nod.


Emily Blunt

Emily In Demand

Blunt takes on a string of sexy supporting roles: taking her clothes off for Tom Hanks in Charlie Wilson's War; flirting with Steve Carrell in Dan in Real Life and playing a French wannabe in Jane Austen Book Club. "I tend not to base my decision on the film," she tells the Los Angeles Times. "I tend to always base it on the kind of character."


Emily Blunt


'Fresh Face of 2008'

Blunt gets an "It" girl stamp of approval from Vanity Fair when she's named one of the 10 Fresh Faces of 2008. Posing alongside rising stars Hathaway, Amy Adams (left) and Jessica Biel, the British beauty appears on the annual Hollywood issue cover in a retro bathing suit.

Emily Blunt

July 11

Goodbye Michael, Hello John

After three years of dating, Bublé and Blunt call it quits. But by December, the actress' broken heart is tended to by The Office's resident cutie John Krasinski. In August 2009, the couple announces their engagement. "So many people say, 'You know when you know,' and it's true," Krasinski says at the 2009 Emmy Awards. "It's all true."


Emily Blunt

March 27

Spring 'Cleaning'

Blunt teams up with Amy Adams to play sisters who start a crime scene cleaning business in the light-hearted indie Sunshine Cleaning. Blunt calls her slacker character Norah "a bull in a china shop," and tells the New York Times, "She's funny and heartbreaking, and I love her curiosity."


Emily Blunt

July 10

Emily Marries John

In a custom-made Marchesa wedding gown, Blunt, 27, ties the knot with Krasinski, 30, in a private ceremony that draws an A-list guest list, including Meryl Streep, George Clooney and Matt Damon.

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Emily Blunt

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